NEW WORKSHOP: Draughtmanship From the Ground Up: The Portrait in Charcoal

June 29 – Aug. 31, 2021
1-4 pm EST
Format: HD Zoom and Google Classroom
**lectures and demos will be recorded for your review; videos will be available for purchase (at a reduced price) to students who cannot attend, for a limited time only.

Price: $400
*students must register and pay fees in full before receiving links and invitations necessary to participate.

This class will serve as a good supplement to portraiture done in any medium, as it’s focus on draughtsmanship emphasizes universal concerns such as proportion, structure, the head in perspective (overlap and interlock), expression, and composition. We will be using charcoal as the vehicle of choice for this class because it reduces medium specific concerns such as color or viscosity, while simulating the performance of most other mediums (wet or dry) with relative efficacy (in the manner in which we will use it). Whether you work in oils, graphite, or pastels, this class should serve to enhance the underlying structure and three dimensionality of your portraiture, from the larger forms of the cranium and mandible, down to the smaller ones of the features, while providing further insight into the orientation of the forms in space, and selective compositional emphasis.

Material list:
Canson Mi-Tienes Moonstone Paper
Soft Vine Charcoal
Willow Charcoal
Viva Paper Towel
Cotton T-shirt Scraps
A Chamois
A Kneaded Eraser
A Drawing Board
Bulldog or Butterfly Clips

**model reference material will be provided.

Please email me here, with questions or to enroll, with an ALL CAPS subject line that