Custom Projects and Commissions

“It is a leap of faith to ask an artist to reproduce a memory. Jason Jenkins brought my memory of a 1960s corner store to vivid life. He did it based on conversation, fragments of photos and my crude drawings. I could not have been happier with the result.” – Karl Wells

Yourself, a loved one, a pet; a milestone or a memorial; makes a great gift.

From life or photos or research, as needed.

I am proud to be part of a time-honored tradition reaching back to The Great Masters. Heavyweights like Da Vinci and Rembrandt produced portraits centuries ago that still compel us to slow down and look more deeply many many years later. 

Unlike the common misconception would have us believe, oil painted portraiture is very much different from photographic portraiture, which is, of course, much more common these days. They are similar in that they produce a likeness and capture a moment; however, they are very different in that the moment captured in an oil-painted portrait is assembled from many bits and pieces of many moments and interactions. It attempts to filter the experience of being in the presence of the sitter through the perspective of another human being, and in the process it captures something of the personality, the humanity, and the spirit of the sitter within the image. It is very much about a shared moment between sitter and viewer as interpreted through the experience of the artist.  

Realist Artists dedicate themselves to the observation and study of the individual, the human condition, and society as a whole. We put no less effort into unraveling the secret mysteries of light, color, and chemistry, and anatomy. We invest countless hours studying, practicing and refining our skills. This, not so that we can xerox the decisions made by the lens of the camera, which is incapable of seeing truth as we see it anyway, but so that we can interpret the visual realm with the authority to manipulate design, composition, key, and relationship all toward a common goal, which lies beyond the reach of the camera. While an artist may use a camera, a camera without an artist produces documentation rather than art.

In many ways, the artist is a bridge connecting tradition and history to the present, while simultaneously connecting the sitter or sitters to the audience.  It is his or her job to bring forth not only a likeness, but also some of the intangible elements of the sitter, so that the viewer can not only recognize the subject, but can also experience a little bit of what it would be like to be in their (or its) presence (or vicinity). To say something about subtleties of expression that betray character, about dominant characteristics or gesticulations, or about a somehow notable (monumental perhaps) presence. I am proud to be part of this tradition, and I am proud to advance it into the realm of imaginative realism. There is very little difference between a portrait commission and an illustrator’s contract from a creative perspective, and opening up the realm of the imagination a bit can be challenging and exciting. I’m not only inspired by the old masters, but also by the impressionists, illustrators, graphic artists, comic book artists, and fantasy artists and I believe that fusing technique with technology enables staggering potential. I also believe engagement in creative and collaborative practices helps us better understand each other and ourselves. This practice is an integrity-steeped one, and I would be delighted to discuss portrait or custom project ideas with potential clients.


MediumSizes: Inches (Centimeters)
5×7 (12.75x 17.75)8×10 (20.25x 25.5)12×16 (30.5x 40.75)16×20 (40.75x 50.75)18×24 (45.75x 61)24×30 (61x 76.25)36×48 (91.5x 122)
Charcoal (and Chalk) on PaperN/A$50 – $100$100 – $200$150 – $300$200 – $400N/AN/A
Graphite (Pencil) on Paper$50 -$100$100 – $200$150 – $300$200 – $400$250 – $500N/AN/A
3 Color Chalk (Red, Black, & White) on Toned PaperN/AN/A$150 – $300$200 – $400$250 – $500N/AN/A
Oil Sketch on CanvasN/AN/A$200 – $400$300 – $600$400 – $800N/AN/A
Formal oil Portrait on Canvas or PanelN/AN/AN/A$1,000 -$2,000$1,500 – $3,000$2,000 – $4,000$2,500 – $5,000
Formal Oil Portrait on LinenN/AN/AN/A$2,000 – $4,000$3,000 -$6,000$4,000 -$8,000$5,000 – $10,000

*sizes are not rigid and may be adjusted at the artists discretion.

***While I tend to work with standardized sizes, I am also well acquainted with the Dynamic Symmetry and am able to work with Golden Section Rectangles if preferred.


1. The process typically starts with a consultation (virtual, email, in person, or otherwise) from which a concept and a strategy are developed and a budget taken into initial consideration. This may require a window of time for sketching, research, and collaborative conversation to settle on a plan.

2. Next I will return to my studio with the objective of generating designs and compositional studies to be presented to the client along with a more settled estimate, from which the final price will be derived. Of course estimates are estimates, and as such final invoices may vary from the estimate pending additional material expense (linen as opposed to cotton canvas is notably higher in quality, but also in cost, which would be reflected in the estimate), unforeseen complications, or extensive editing.

3. A non-refundable 50% deposit is collected before work begins; the balance can be paid in installments and/or upon completion.

4. I prefer to work from life when possible, generating my own reference material via sketches and studies done from life, or via photography, which is a perfectly legitimate secondary strategy. In the case that generating my own reference material in person requires travel or accommodation (such as a weekend visit to sketch, take photographs, and observe the sitters gesticular tendencies and posture), those expenses are provided for or reimbursed by the client (with a clear agreement in writing and in advance). In the case that reference material cannot be generated from the subject in person, it can be gathered from old personal photos or from research.

5. Unless otherwise established by the client, the artist assumes it is his prerogative to share work in progress photos etc in promotional material (on social media).

6. Upon completion of the final touches, the client will be contacted for approval and recommended adjustments/edits.

7. When final touches and edits are settled and agreed upon by the client and the artist, an invoice including shipping and handling costs will be sent to the client. Upon securing the balance (installments are an option), the work is packaged to be shipped out into the world. Please note, Work will not leave the my custody until final payments are received and secure.

8. Framing is not included and is the responsibility of the client, however consultation on the subject is available, and recommendations can be made.

9. Included with the original work will be professionally photographed and edited archival JPEGs of the finished work

10. International and domestic shipping are available, but neither is included. In the event that shipping is required, a tracking number will be provided to the client to keep track of their new purchases progress on its way to its new home.

Contact me with inquiries or concerns at:

*all prices and policies subject to change at the artist’s discretion, and the artist reserves the right to charge extra for materials or time, as he deems necessary.