There are currently 3 ways in which to actively study with me:

1. With Studio Incamminati

As faculty, I teach in the Advanced Fine Art Program, The Continuing Education Program, and The
Intensive Workshop Program.
*Call 215.592.7910, visit my Upcoming Page, or email me here with an ALL CAPS subject line that
says LESSONS to learn more.

2. Private Customized 1-on-1 Classes (online or in-person)

a. Online via HD Zoom and Google Classroom
Rate $30/hour
b. In-person
Rate $40/hour
Appropriate for all skill levels.
* Email me here with an ALL CAPS subject line that says LESSONS to learn more.

3. Private Intensive Group HD Zoom Workshops (online)

Online via HD Zoom and Google Classroom
Active Waitlist
Rate TBD/workshop
Appropriate for all skill levels (unless otherwise noted).
Lectures and demonstrations will be recorded and made available to students. Students who cannot attend classes but wish to enroll, will be able to purchase recordings, at reduced cost, for a limited time only.
Students must register and pay in full before receiving links and invitations needed to participate.
*Visit my Upcoming Page, or email me here with an ALL CAPS subject line that says LESSONS to
learn more about upcoming workshops, or to request one from the lists below:

Primary Courses
1. Draughtmanship From the Ground Up – The Charcoal Figure
2. Black & White Figure Painting for Value, Form, and Opacity
3. Unlocking Duotone: Limited Palette Underpainting with the Figure
4. Color Theory for Range & Key: Empowerment for the Artist
5. Applying Color Theory for Range and Key to the Figure
6. Procedural Figure Painting: Full Color Long Pose Figure Painting

Supplementary Courses
7. Applying Life Painting Strategies to the Photo Reference
8. Drawing for Anatomical Accuracy: From Comic Books to Red Chalk
9. The Skull: Cross Hatching in Graphite for Form, Value, and Texture
10. Structure of the Face/Head: The Portrait Dissected
11. Drapery, Ellipses, and Angles: Structural integrity in Still Life Painting

“Jason has worked with me in private sessions for three years. His knowledge of materials handling and varied technical approaches, and his step-by-step sequential method to building a painting, have been invaluable to my advancement as an artist. He is also a gifted teacher, encouraging but incisive as to strengths and weaknesses. He is also enthusiastic and positive about sharing his knowledge. I would highly recommend him for students of all levels, most especially for those with a serious interest in pursuing the art and craft of realism in painting.”

-Ruth Feldham

“I have been studying with for a Jason for a couple of years, both in a classroom setting – at
Studio Incamminati – and privately. In my experience, he has been nothing short of a superb instructor. Jason has and continues to give me a toolbox of strategies, techniques, and methods
for drawing the human figure and portrait through incredibly thorough demonstrations, lectures and critiques. Fundamentals Iike proper handling of graphite and charcoal, producing an accurate block-in, understanding shadow and light values, applying anatomy and structural analysis to
strengthen the drawing are some of the key areas we have explored together. He presents really complex material in understandable and accessible ways that allow me to continue practicing between classes with a deeper understanding and critical eye. Thanks to Jason’s instruction and inspiration, I feel like I’m really seeing progress and that only motivates me to spend more time at the craft.”

-Caroline Armstrong